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*Un*common Pirates - coming coon.

*UN*Common Pirates - The Bloody Angler is a GM resource providing some truly original nautical assets based on 'The Adequate Commoner.' When the hellblossoms (chimeric creatures born of an alchemical accident) destroyed the local fisheries the half-orc commoners of Strass village turned to piracy in desperation: relying only on their tactics and experienced with the hellblossoms to win desperate encounters. 

*UN*Common Pirates has everything you need to pull individual assets to populate a unique marine encounter, create a compelling bounty for your adventurer PCs to chase, or even begin a campaign as your players take on the role of these sympathetic pirate commoners! This supplement includes: 6 new (and wildly capable) commoner pre-generated characters, advice on how to use them (smugglers, 'sea militia,' crew for hire and more), a new aquatic weapon (the drowning net), new alchemical weapons, statted out pirate ship 'the bloody angler,' a new commoner teamwork feat, and much, much more.

10 Additional Commoner Jobs - coming soon.

Commoners!: A level 0 Adventure - Coming Soon

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