Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Commoner Trait and Feat Suggestions from DoomedPaladin

Kickstarter backer (and all around awesome guy) Doomed Paladin had some suggestions for other traits and feats that could especially benefit commoners and I have to say I agree with all of them! I've included his list (with my notes) below to explain how to get your adventuring Pathfinder commoners even that much more deadly.


Rough and Ready  Basically, turn a tool you can use for your profession into an equivalent weapon, as long as you have 1 point in the appropriate profession. Great for granting commoners more versatility in weapon selection.

Sacred Touch Like the spell 'stabilize' at the cost of a trait, great to keep your fellow commoners from dying!


Cautious Fighter Great for an unexpected tank who goads foes into striking at him (but doesn't worry about attacking back).

Desperate Swing If you are going to be that halfling tank, this will allow you to strike while remaining as uninhabitable as possible.

Throw Anything Never be unarmed, and get a bonus with alchemical splash weapons!

Catch Off-Guard Another great feat to grant commoners increased weapon versatility (this time for melee weapons).

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