Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The Master of Arms's Speech

So, you want to be adventurers huh?

*Hock Ptooo*

Pah, I spit on adventurers. For every story you hear about ordinary folks taking up the mantle and becoming heroes there’s ninety where the fools died horrible deaths with ignoble burial: bodies converted to puppets for a necromancer or providing sup for feeding some beast. Yeah, I’ve spent some time busting into tombs and trying to foil a fiendish plot or three; and it ends badly for nearly everyone involved.
Would that there was anything I could say to dissuade you.  But you’ve got that look in your eye, that gleam. You want to have an adventure of your own, a story for the ages. And nobody can tell you that it’s the kind of thing that even fools would reject as addle-brained.
Since I can’t convince you otherwise, leastwise I can do it try to give you some advice that might save your skin someday. Take it from a man who earned his scars the hard way.

From a Speech given by Gardle Trian - Gnomish Master of Arms for the Village of Brookhaven

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