Monday, June 22, 2015

Fiction: The Commoner and the Samurai

Hanha Riomoci, thought to be the greatest Samurai of his generation, was once offended by deference his Lord paid to Gundarli Gunderdin, a halfling warrior of common stock that had of late been captivating court. And so he challenged the diminutive commoner to a dual. Gundarli agreed and said that Hanha could even choose the weapon - as long as Gundarli was allowed to pick the location. When Hanha agreed to these terms and choose the traditional longsword Gundarli selected his own dojo as location for the duel. When the combatants met, the dojo’s windows had all been blackened, torches spaced at 80 feet and the roof was a low four foot - favoring the halfling's sharper senses and small stature. 

Between the stoop of his back and the dim light, the better armed and better trained Hanha was quickly humbled by the ‘ignoble’ halfling. And Gundarli's esteem in court only grew.

From ‘Stories of the the Eastern Provinces’ by Jaylak Cragborn

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